Top 10 Highest Paid Comedians In The World

Jerry Seinfeld

What better way is there to make money than putting smiles and laughter on the faces of people you may not even know? With that said, the ability to consistently make people laugh isn’t an easy feat, so for those who are blessed in this area, they’ve transformed their gifted mouths to serious business, raking in big bucks year in, year out. Forbes have released a thoroughly calculated earning list of the top-paid comedians in 2015, all of who had the sales of concert tickets as their primary source of income. Without further ado, here are the top ten highest paid comedians for 2015. Look through to see if your favorites are getting as much as they make you laugh.

10. Dave Chappelle

Earnings: $7.5 million

Chappelle has been making a living from his eponymous show, but this year he smiled more to the bank thanks to the largest and apparently most successful comedy tour he’s ever held which brought him a bulk of his $7.5 million paycheck. The comedian is set to appear in 2016 movie “Chiraq”. The movie directed and written by Spike Lee will also star Nick Cannon and Wesley Snipes.


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9. John Bishop

Earnings: $8 million

John Bishop

The British comedian has his eponymous BBC One show, his annual BBC Special and his 2014 Supersonic tour to thank for his millions.


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